Our Story

ingrid liang

Akshu&Ing was born when its founders, Akshata Rao(Akshu) and Ingrid Liang(Ing), could not find thoughtful gifts for their friends who gave birth overseas. What gifts can be meaningful enough to make up for your absence from that special moment? Not the generic baby clothes and accessories mass produced in factories by robots.

Akshata and Ingrid felt that those products were convenient but impersonal. Unlike the gifts Akshata herself had given Ingrid, gifts that reflected her personality — rustic and bohemian — and reflected her friendship filled with warmth and love. That’s the kind of warm fuzziness that the two friends wanted to infuse in every product they created.

They were both enamored by the artistry, intricacy and distinctiveness of traditional Indian block printing. Used in home décor and clothes for grownups, Akshata and Ingrid wanted to bring this printing technique to life on baby wear and in adorable prints kids (and parents) would love. And that’s how their baby — Akshu&Ing — was born in New York City.

Every garment at Akshu&Ing is carefully designed and hand crafted using block prints. Each artisan involved is dedicated to quality and love for artistry. Using primarily natural materials, Akshu&Ing's clothes aim to be easy on a baby’s’ skin and on the environment.